RM Team Members

Gordon Agnew

        Gordon Agnew

Emma Bourne

Andy Bull

         Richard House

Jo Lucas

Clare Pittman

Someone has to do the work!  

Whilst those in charge of the committee boat are running the racing with their equivalents on the finish and pin-end boats, the rest of the team do the real work.  That is why SolentXtra has recruited so many very capable and intelligent members to the team.  Often referred to as the 'indians', in contrast to the 'chiefs', this section of the team is hugely experienced.  

Probably the most challenging start to manage is one of RS:X boards in heavy wind approaching the line at 25 knots - it can be like the red arrows!  Equally challenging is a finish of dinghies racing in Class, especially Lasers, when they can cross the line in groups of 5 or more, apparently in dead heats.  When the correct procedures are in place and everyone involved is doing their job, and only their job, the apparent nightmare is professionally unscrambled - the start is called correctly and the finish results are accurate. 

It is noticable that the race management team members of SolentXtra are all professionals in their real lives and very experienced in most roles they are assigned to in the team.  Many of them run racing in their own right at their clubs and elsewhere.  Their contribution to the team's performance cannot be underestimated.

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