Mark Layers

Bryn Ellis

Paul Jackson

       Simon Pickess

A good mark layer is better than having an additional race officer on the committee boat.

Whilst the race officer is responsible for the course it is the mark layer who feeds appropriate information back to the committee boat so that the best course for the conditions is laid.

Once the race is underway the mark layers continue to work hard - reporting wind shifts as they happen; changing the course when those windshifts are likely to make the race unacceptably one-sided; reporting the first boats around each mark so as to allow the race officer to achieve target times; recording mark roundings just in case the Jury need to calculate redress, for whatever reason; etc.

Gone are the days when mark layers laid the course and then drank coffee all day.  On SolentXtra they carry flasks and often don't get the chance to open them!

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